Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a stretch of time off.

Our new office has taken up a lot of my focus in the last year.
We have continued to expand our services to better serve you and our many client's. In the past year we have grown by leaps and bounds. Working with some amazing athletes and extraordinary individuals who like to stretch their performance to new levels.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New office is open

We have moved in to our new space and will be offering a varity of new services.
Kettlebell classes, yoga therapy, pilates therapy, stretch and posture classes and much much more.

so come up to the 3rd floor at the sportsplex in langley and check out what we have to offer you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The truth exposed: Static Stretching hurts performance.

Being a stretch expert the idea that static stretching should not be used in warmups is not news to me. However, geting some good research on the subject to back this statement is always good. I have been coaching our clients for the last 8 years to do a progressive warmup with elements of dynamic stretching and ROM exercises designed to prime the Fascial tissues and muscles and warm up the synovial fluid in the Joint capsule. As I have stated be for 95 % of our flexibility is locked up in our joint capsules and our fascial tissue. So preparing these areas is of great importance in perparation for exercise. Here is the article from tne new york times on stretching.

“Researchers now believe that some of the more entrenched elements of many athletes’ warm-up regimens are not only a waste of time but actually bad for you. The old presumption that holding a stretch for 20 to 30 seconds - known as static stretching - primes muscles for a workout is dead wrong. It actually weakens them. In a recent study conducted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, athletes generated less force from their leg muscles after static stretching than they did after not stretching at all. Other studies have found that this stretching decreases muscle strength by as much as 30 percent.”

So the question is what should the stretches be if you are no longer doing static stretches. This is where Fascial stretches Therapy and a proper flowing dynamic stretching Routine can make all the difference to your warm up, and therefore you performande and decreasing the chances of injury.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Lifestyle Changes for Optimal Health

Dr. Duke Johnson, M.D.Medical Advisor, Nutrilite Health Institute

You have a great opportunity to start the summer by making lifestyle changes that will allow you to enjoy a new level of health and vitality.

I suggest that you start making a few changes, today! When these changes become a natural part of your lifestyle in a few weeks, make a few more changes. Everything begins with a single step. Everyone can make at least one lifestyle change.

Here is a reference list for you to use to make lifestyle changes now.

  • See your doctor before you begin any weight-loss program. Working with your doctor, have your homocysteine, cholesterol panel, fasting sugar, fasting insulin, triglycerides, and thyroid function checked.

  • Start moving your body. Make sure to check with your doctor to see where you should start your exercise program. Look for a kinesiologist if highering a personal trainer. Park farther out at the grocery store, use the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk your pet more often. Usually, just beginning some activity will make you feel better.

  • Enlist the professional help of a dietitian or nutritionist if you need additional education on how many calories you should be consuming per day.Take a serious look at how to lose weight with lifestyle changes rather than fad diets.

  • Learn about the fats. Increase the good fats the Omega 3 fats, with fish oil. Reduce the “bad” fats in your diet – high-saturated, trans, animal, and partially hydrogenated oils.

  • Support optimal health by making sure you’re giving your body the essential vitamins like B, C, D, E, calcium, chromium, magnesium, and other minerals.

  • Make Vegetables a priority with five to seven servings per day.

  • All carbohydrates aren’t bad but again they are not essential, and you need to have a balance of “good” carbs in your diet from veggies like yams and sweat potatos to achieve optimal health.

  • Consume no or limits processed foods. Add fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats to avoid additional salt and empty calories.

  • Reduce or eliminate simple sugars and high-fructose corn syrup.

  • Stop smoking . If you can’t stop smoking, reducing your cigarettes per day is better than not reducing at all.

  • Get help if you’re having trouble with stress or depression. Stress suppresses your immune function. Get help from a trained professional or lay counselor. There are many agencies that offer free or reduced-fee counseling services depending on your situation.

  • Reduce your blood pressure through healthy weight loss – eating less and moving more.

Choose a couple of items on this list that you can do. The key is to take the first step! Optimal health doesn’t come in a container. It comes from making lifestyle changes. Come on, let’s get serious about our health! You and your loved ones will be glad you did.
For Optimal Health,Duke Johnson, M.D.
Dr. Duke Johnson has been an advisor to the Nutrilite Health Institute for over five years. Dr. Johnson holds a doctor of medicine and a master’s degree from Graduate School of Kinesiology from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles Medical School.

Stretching a month out.What's to come.

I find it amazing how fast time moves. We have just opened our Vancouver office space at le physique in leg in boot square when I posted my last post. Well we have been busy.

So here is a quick up date on some changes that are happening. One Travis and I headed back down to Phoenix Arizona to finish our level 2 (myo)Fascial Stretch therapy course.
We are now 2 of only 30 in all of North America that are level 2 FST therapists.

Our Vancouver office is Booming.
Our Langley office has continued to grow with new clients. We have started to offer new services and should have a permanent space as of September. This has been a request by many of our clients and will help give you a better atmosphere for your treatments. IE. Group stretch flow class based on the stretch to win techniques, Self Myofascial release classes with foam rollers, Kettlebell classes, rehab Yoga/ Pilates classes, and more specialty work shops like chi running, how to eat right, and strength training course for riders and BIO signature body composition assessments and meal planning to help you lose weight or gain muscle fast and effectively.

Our Kettlebell classes have continued to sell out. Our next set starts in 2 weeks so get in and sign up.

.. More info as it comes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

burn 400 extra calories with out an extra workout. how???

So you want to burn 400 extra calories with no extra work on your part. Well I think most people do.

If you have stubborn belly-fat especially on the sides of your stomach, this will help you too.

OK if you want a high quality fish oil here it is ocean essentials 600. You can find it at my health store. click here and enter fish oil into the search area.

Here is the latest important information from Dr. John Berardi nutritional expert.

  • During His PHD research he found that taking 6- 10 fish oil pills or 2 tea spoons a day helped the participants in his study lose 2 pounds of fat in on month. which was equal to burning an extra 400 calories per day.
  • Here is the great part his research showed that the fat that was lost was around the the dreaded love handle area of the stomach.
  • His research also shows that fish oil helps to stabilize insulin levels
  • further it increase your metabolism by about 400 calories per day.

Here are some other great facts:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil are essential for normal growth and development
  • may play an important role in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and cancer.
  • At high doses, marine omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to lower triglyceride levels in the blood, and high triglyceride levels are a recognized risk factor for heart disease.
  • Omega-3s may also slightly raise levels of HDL-the good cholesterol-in the blood. (These effects are specific to marine sources of omega-3 fats; experts don’t see the same effects with the plant omega-3 fatty acids. like flax seed. )
  • Some studies suggest that marine omegas-3 fatty acids reduce blood clotting.
  • Omega-3 fats may also reduce your susceptibility to an irregular heartbeat, known as heart arrhythmia or ventricular fibrillation, which is one of the main causes of sudden death after an acute heart attack.
  • High intakes of omega-3 fatty acids can also reduce high blood pressure (also called hypertension). However, scientists only find this effect when people consume large amounts of fish oil supplements, not the quantities that you might consume from just eating fish.

Arthritis Relief
In clinical trials, marine omega-3 fatty acids consistently reduce the pain and morning stiffness that’s associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Certain substances in the blood, called eicosanoids and cytokines, initiate the immune response and its consequent inflammation. Scientists believe that omega-3 fatty acids decrease these reactions.

Brain development
Omega-3 fatty acids help nerve growth in fetuses and young infants. Some experts believe that infants are not able to synthesize enough docosahexanoic acid (DHA) for optimal growth from the precursor compound alphalinolenic acid (ALA). Breast milk, however, is naturally rich in DHA, and DHA levels in the brains of breast-fed babies are higher than those of formula fed babies.
Formulas enriched with DHA have been found to improve visual acuity and neuromental development in premature infants compared with conventional formula, but the long-term implications of adding DHA to formula are unknown, so some infant formula manufacturers are unwilling to risk the safety of the formula by adding it. This is yet another reason why we should feed all babies human milk whenever possible.
Pregnant and lactating women can increase their intake of omega-3s by eating more fish; they will pass the benefit on to their infants either through the placenta or in their breast milk.

Cancer risk
Many studies show an association between high fish consumption and reduced risk of colon and breast cancer. In addition, animal experiments have shown that high doses of fish oils inhibit the development of chemically-induced mammary (breast) and colorectal cancers. Experts say, however, that the current evidence is insufficient to prove that eating fish decreases cancer risk.

PS. ok if you want a high quality fish oil here it is ocean essentials 600. you can find it at my health store. click here and enter fish oil into the search area.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mexico, A new year and a new you.

Well, 2009 is finally here and we are back up and ready to make it a great year . Despite some crazy snowfall like 2 plus feet, we have been having a great year so far. The 2 weeks of down time has really helped focus me. The New Year was rung in with my wife, (our kids sleeping), my brother, his girlfriend, , and my parents at my parents place playing domino’s Mexican train and wishing I was backing Mexico.

We had a ton of good food, and great wine we opened a 10 year old bottle of Super Tuscan that we picked up on our honey moon in Italy 7 years ago. What an amazing bottle that was! Great nose, of deep plum, it had aged well and the finish was long. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to updating this blog and getting back to helping all of you get back in to shape, stretched out and rehabilitated so that you can reach your goals this year.

As some of you know, I got out of town just ahead of these epic snow storms that we have had here in Vancouver area in the last weeks. We headed down to old Mexico before the first major snowfall and we got out just in time. Thank god we didn’t fly with air Canada or Alaskan Air (out of Seattle which was the original idea) as they were both cancelling flights in Vancouver or dealing them for hour at a time. Although, we where delayed by 8 hours and we were on the tramac for an hour and a half while we were de-iced we still got out. Unlike some people that had their vacationd cut short or didn't go due to cancelled flights.

However, I did run into the crazy blizzard white out action when we got home and I have been shoveling the white stuff ever since. I am guessing a lot of you have been shoveling the snow as well and getting sore from it as well. So if we have not seen you in a while it is time to come in and get stretched out or get your new program for the New Year. If you have been having trouble getting to the gym due to the weather you might want to try a home based fitness program to supplement what you do at the gym. Read the next article from my good friend Craig Balantine.
While in Mexico, I had a chance to sample some amazing and interesting cuisine including octopus in its own ink. Check out the pictures.
More videos and pictures are on the way. After being to Mexico, I’ve learned to take more time for myself. You should as well, good health encompasses rest as well.